Benefits of Selling
Your Home Directly vs Paying a Real Estate Agent.

As a homeowner, you have options when selling your house. You should consider ALL of your options and make an educated decision about selling your home for the best value.Work with us, Joe Homebuyer, to find creative solutions and reach your real estate goals. Before jumping into a listing, dive into the details below to compare hiring a traditional agent vs direct sale with Joe Homebuyer. Our process is straight forward and simple, great for you.

A Direct Sale to Joe Homebuyer Hiring an Agent
Commissions $0 – No commissions or fees Expect to pay out about 6% of your final sale price to your agent
Who Pays Closing? $0 – 100% of the closing costs are covered You should allocate about 2% of your final sale price to go toward closing costs
Inspection & Financing Contingency* No – Cash sale and does not require financing Yes, and be prepared 15% of sales fall through
Appraisal Required? No –  Cash sale and does not require appraisal Yes, if your buyer is using financing, the lender will require an appraisal before signing off on the loan
Average Days Until Closing 7.  As fast as 7 days and always on the day that suits you best About 60 days. However, it could take months – there are no guarantees
Number of Showings 1 – That’s it! As many as it takes until your agent finds a buyer
Closing Date Any day YOU CHOOSE About 1 month after you accept an offer. You are responsible for insurance, liens, taxes, and utilities until the day of closing.
Who Pays For Repairs? We will take care of all repairs and necessary clean up This will be negotiated between you and the buyer and will likely increase the time until you can close.

Plug in YOUR Numbers, and Make the Decision That is RIGHT For YOU!

Listing your property could bring a higher sales price, but there is no guarantee it will sell at that price. After all the costs, meetings, headaches, and wasted time, you may realize a direct sale is the best option for your situation. We are here to assist and support you with care, by making the best decision possible, whatever that decision may be.

We may not be able to offer full retail price, but we can offer numerous benefits a traditional sale cannot:

A personalized experience with customized solutions for your situation

We put our sellers first. We know you have unique situations and we are prepared to provide unique solutions. We will support and assist you with anything you need to make the selling process run smoothly. Going the extra mile is part of who we are.

No Out-of-Pocket Expenses

No commissions. No fees. We pay closing closts. You won’t pay a dime! We buy your home exactly AS IS. We take the responsibility to clean up, financing repairs and making any improvements in order to sell. We are not traditional agents; that means you will never pay any agent fees when working with us.

A HIGH offer with a FAST Close

JJust because we close quickly doesn’t mean we won’t offer you a great price. A fast sale will save you money by ending your obligation to pay utilities, insurance, and tax bills. When your home is listed, you are responsible for those costs for an undetermined amount of time. In the case that it is months, this could add up to thousands of dollars.

Get The Joe Homebuyer Process Started Now…
You’ve Got Nothing To Lose!

We can buy your home with an all-cash offer for a FAST close..

Whether your home is struggling to sell on the market or are just starting the process, we can help. Sometimes working with a real estate agent isn’t for everyone. As a bonus, you won’t need to clean up or repair the property.

Furthermore, it won’t be necessary to worry about finding a trustworthy agent who can deliver on promises of selling your house quickly. No need to have a signed contract binding you to an agent. No lengthy paperwork will be required nor energy wasted on waiting, wondering, or hoping for a worthwhile outcome.

On your initial call with us, our team of professionals will know right away if we can help you and your property. Unlike selling through an agent, there is no wait time on anticipating buyer financing. We are ready to buy right now!

Listing the traditional way can add stress, months of time to the process, and extra costs such as expensive agent commissions and closing costs. When all is said and done, you may or may not be ahead of the game.

Get Your Fair Cash Offer

Stop The Frustration Of Your Hard to Sell Property

If you own a property that is causing you stress and would like to sell quickly for cash, we’d like to make you a fair offer and close in as little as seven days or any day thereafter of your choosing. Your care, goals, and personalized terms 100% are the priority.

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